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$30 Heel Pain / $89 Laser Toe Nail Fungus Treatment 60% Discount Plus more

Lynton Toister And Associates

Who Are We

Lynton Toister has been practicing podiatry since 1970. Over the last 40 years, have dealt in all facets of podiatry and brings all this valuable experience to your consultation.

Heel pain can be quite debilitating, no matter what your age or level of fitness. Also known as Plantar Fasciitis, the condition is the result of the Plantar Fascia – the thin ligament that connects your heel to the front of your foot – becoming inflamed through heavy use and causing scar tissue to form as it tries to heal. The pain is caused by the scar tissue tearing once a person uses their feet after an extended period of being off them, for example when getting out of bed in the morning.

Lynton Toister & Associates Podiatrists specialize in treating unsightly fungal infections that cause toenails to grow warped and discolored. The treatment is intended to be simple and pain-free, employing a laser to penetrate the nail and target the fungus. The clinic is located in East St Kilda.


What You'll Get

At our clinic, we use the following technology to help identify issues and determine what orthotics should be used:

A Tog Gait scan machine that's capable of capturing weight distribution occurring during the gait cycle
A Langer three dimensional scan, which takes scans of feet in weight bearing and semi-weight bearing positions

Toe nail fungus, also known as Onychomycosis, is a common dermatological disorder that affects the feet. Patients often complain that the fungus is unsightly and embarrassing due to its appearance. However, the condition can sometimes go unnoticed, remaining undetected for years without causing problems or pain.


  • The thickening of the toe nail plate
  • Debris collecting under the toe nail
  • Edge of the nail lifting
  • Changes in nail color
  • An unpleasant odor

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Custom Dynaflange orthotics designed to protect against compressive forces* foot orthotics - also known as orthotic insoles and orthoses - are inserts placed inside shoes with the aim to restore natural foot function orthotics may ease problems in the feet as well as knees.


$30 Heel pain assessment of the foot using Tog gait scan & special exercises

(Valued at $60 Discount of 50%)


$89 laser toenail fungus treatment on one foot

(Valued at $200 Discount of 55%)


$140 laser toenail fungus treatment on two feet

(Valued at $350 Discount of 60%)

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Fine Prints

• Limit of 1 voucher per person
• Late arrivals may shorten appointment time.
• Results will vary for each person.
• With any voucher here you get additional 40% off on Dynaflange orthotics or any semi-custom orthotic support.
• Valid at both locations for Lynton Toister and Associates.
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